These are our streets.

Safe & healthy streets for children, youth and climate.

Every year, an estimated 250,000 children and young people are killed in road traffic crashes. A similar number die from the effects of urban outdoor air pollution, to which road traffic is a significant contributor and factor. Road traffic is now the leading cause of death for children over the age of five and for adolescents, worldwide. Every life lost is a preventable tragedy.

Now, a new generation is demanding action. Action to tackle road danger and air pollution, and to combat climate change. Action to design and share liveable cities.

COVID-19 has transformed the world, but amidst the suffering we have a chance to build back better. The pandemic has focused political attention on the vital need for safe and healthy streets; for sharing roads more equitably; encouraging walking and cycling; for keeping young people safe on their journeys to school and college. We can transform how streets are designed and used, to protect children, young people and the climate.

At this critical moment, let’s not waste this chance to rebuild a better world for all. Let’s start with the streets.

Join our call for safe and healthy streets

Our 2030 Manifesto
We will campaign in support of the SDG agenda to transform our streets:
Every child and adolescent can expect a safe and healthy journey to school.
Streets where children mix with traffic have a default speed limit of no more than 30km/h.
Every urban street has a viable footpath and protected at-grade crossings.
Every city has set an ambitious target for protected cycle lanes.
A global adolescent summit to prioritise sdg action on adolescent health and rights.

This is my journey

Double Olympic Champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce reflects on her journey to victory. We join Shelly-Ann where it all began, at her high school. She demands the right to safe and healthy streets for every child, so young people everywhere can realise their dreams just as she did.


We all have the right to walk our streets and neighbourhoods in safety. To meet our friends, to travel to our education. To explore our communities. It is time to fight for our rights.

This is our future. This is our world. These are our streets. And it is time to reclaim them.

Read more in the 2030 Manifesto


We can save lives on our streets. Solutions exist.

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These are our streets!

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